Eco-Friendly Crafts

There is an endless list of the things that you can make new out of old. All you need is a little inspiration to make a reclaimed craft! Try some of these fun ideas!

book-purse recycled_crayons_11 reclaimcardboard fossil_rdax_65 bracelet

  • Use an old book to make a new purse.  This would also be great for making a children’s tote bag out of an old favorite book that has missing pages and is falling apart.
  •  Have an old outdoor tablecloth laying around? Turn it into a new lunch bag.
  •  Don’t throw away those broken crayons, recycle them! Melt them down to make fun new shapes and designs.
  •  Reclaim your cardboard boxes! 10 great projects to make use of left over packaging and boxes.
  • A fun craft for kids, making fossils out of used coffee grinds.
  •  Make use of empty baby food jars by making snow globes.
  •  Kids can turn their old toothbrush into jewelry.

Do you have a reclaimed craft idea? Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will put it up on the site!


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